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African Economic Development Solutions' mission is to build African Immigrant Communities

At African Economic Development Solutions, we strive to develop businesses within African immigrant communities. We serve the Twin Cities metropolitan area to create wealth, help immigrants get out of poverty, as well as be part of and benefit from the booming economy.

We believe that access to key resources, institutional frameworks, and nourishing environments are elements for achieving financial success within marginalized communities.

AEDS confronts economic disparities by providing entrepreneurship promotion, small business development, micro-lending, homeownership education, and community development initiatives to facilitate healthy, vibrant communities. We aim to empower entrepreneurs and small business owners and to foster financial independence among families and individuals across our region.

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Established in 2008, African Economic Development Solutions (AEDS) emerged out of the efforts of a small group of immigrants who were concerned about the paucity of business ownership among the vast African immigrant communities in the Minnesota. The group realized that African immigrants had to grapple with rampant economic disparities and other unique barriers that hindered the community’s ability to seize the numerous opportunities available in Minnesota.

Overtime, the group quickly learned from local business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs that some of the most limiting factors were related to language and cultural differences. The group also concluded that wealth-building held the key to empowering African immigrants in the region. This is why they decided to create a business development organization built around cultural intelligence and with an asset-based model.

African Economic Development Solutions (AEDS) was founded for public benefit and operates to accomplish our well-defined mission: wealth creation within marginalized communities and communities of black heritage in Minnesota. We accomplish this by providing customized financial literacy training, micro-entrepreneurship training and coaching, and homeownership education.

We assist recent African immigrants and other marginalized Americans to develop themselves and transform their communities. Through entrepreneurship, homeownership, and wealth creation, we build sustainable economic success in the prospering and diverse communities we serve.

Our organization has been contributing its fair share not only in raising awareness and visibility for African immigrant-owned businesses but also by providing the technical assistance and cultural intelligence marginalized communities need to succeed in a highly competitive environment.

African Economic Development Solutions is an impactful business development organization with big dreams for the future. We are bullish on the prospects of our communities and confident in our ability to open up economic opportunities for them.


To create financial success within marginalized communities requires:

Key Resources

Supportive Institutional Frameworks

Nourishing Environments

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