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Each event hosted by African Economic Development Solutions (AEDS) is on vital subjects on African Cultural & Community. There are Quarterly forums leading up to the National African Leadership Conference.  We host networking events through the year.  Join us to explore and discuss these vital topics. 

African Economic Development Solutions organizes forums and networking events throughout the year with specific topics for African Communities. 

Pixabay Kalaidoscope
Pixabay Kalaidoscope


NEXT FORUM - February 22, 2023 (1-3pm CT)

Celebrate the Accomplishments of Black Women

For Black History Month, the topic is Black Women's Leadership, with a focus on both the challenges and the success of black women' leadership. Join us as we invite these leaders to discuss their pathway to leadership - explaining the important steps they took and obstacles they faced. The date & time for the next African Economic Development Solutions form is February 22nd from 1-3 p.m. Centa

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Meet Others

African Economic Development Solutions (AEDS) organizes networking events throughout the year for you to meet others within African Communities. The events are planned to bring together African communities and those from marginalized communities to build social support.  

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