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Each event hosted by African Economic Development Solutions (AEDS) is on vital subjects on African Cultural & Community. There are Quarterly forums leading up to the National African Leadership Conference.  We host networking events through the year.  Join us to explore and discuss these vital topics. 

African Economic Development Solutions organizes forums and networking events throughout the year with specific topics for African Communities. 

Pixabay Kalaidoscope
Pixabay Kalaidoscope


April 17, 2024
11 pm-1 pm PST | 1-3 pm CT | 2-4 pm EST

Quarter 2: Fostering Economic Empowerment: Culturally Appropriate Business Development & Technical Assistance for African Immigrant Communities

For the second forum of 2024, we will explore the perspectives of Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), business owners, and policymakers, shedding light on the nuanced approaches required to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by African immigrant communities in the realm of business and economic development. 

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February 2023 Quarterly Forum
Weaving Connection Video


"Coming to America is not the American Dream. Being born in America is not the American Dream. It's what you do with the opportunity."


Amb. Dr. Markaret Dureke

April Forum Speaker




"Use a unique selling proposition (USP) to stand out

from competitors."

Lucretia Freeman-Buster

April Forum Speaker


"I never knew that such a GREAT organization like yours does exist in the United States. Yesterday was my first time attending and I was very impressed with the speakers, the content of the message."

JJ Ellong


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