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We conduct ongoing community engagement to ensure African immigrants have a voice in community. By leveraging diverse businesses, as well as arts and cultural assets along transit corridors, we serve as a cultural broker in advocating for smart policies that promote the growth of African immigrant businesses.

At African Economic Development Solutions, we strive to connect and build vibrant communities through Community Building and Creative Placemaking.

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Explore Vital Subjects & Connect with Others

African Economic Development Solutions (AEDS) organizes forums and networking events throughout the year with specific topics for African Communities.We invite leaders in the field to explore and discuss vital topics. 

The 2nd Forum for 2024 will be on Fostering Economic Empowerment: Culturally Appropriate Business Development & Technical Assistance for African Immigrant Communities

April 17, 2024 | 11am-1 pm CT


Join Allies

African leaders from across Minnesota and the country join in critical discussions on issues of most concern and opportunities for African communities. The 2024 National African Leadership Conference will be held virtually and in person on August 1st & August 2nd from 9am-4pm. Join us on August 3rd for a bus tour (9am-2pm) to visit African cultural and businesses in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro region.


See Leadership in Action

The day after the African Leadership Conference, August 3rd from 9am-2pm, we are thrilled to offer an African Minnesotan Cultural Experience Bus Tour. To showcase leaders close-to-home we offer an exclusive Bus tour of the vibrant African businesses in St. Paul (Little Africa), Minneapolis, and the NW Suburbs. Please note that the tour is on a paid, first-come, first-serve basis. Registration opens on June.


Develop and Transform

For six years, the African Economic Development Solutions hosts the Little Africa Parade & Festival. The event features live music performances, art shows, vendors, and African fashion. Located at Hamline Park, the event is encourages the development and revitalization of the area for African businesses, culture, and communities. Join us on April 4th, 2024 in Hamline Park, St. Paul, MN from noon to 6 pm.

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