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2023 Forum Series Upcoming Dates
June 21st
September 20th

11 am-1 pm PST | 1 pm - 3 pm CT | 2 pm - 4pm EST

April 5th Forum

After the first forum brought people from around the world on the topic of African Leadership, the second forum of the year is on Culturally Specific Business Development Strategies for African Immigrant Communities. Join our panel of experts - Patrice Tsague, Idris Mohamed, Ambassador Dr. Margaret Dureke, and Lucretia Freeman-Buster - to discuss strategies of developing thriving businesses within and from African communities. Video available soon.

Key Take-Aways

Business Development Centers

Take advantages of programs and services - Technical Assistance, Loans, Counseling, Business Development Training. 


Relationships are key to accessing resources - community activities, business associations & events, and organizations.


Leverage Technology - online marketing, social media, virtual meetings, e-commerce, and project management software.


Communicate a strong brand. Explain the WHAT and WHY. Include a unique selling proposition with cultural elements.

Speaker Contacts & Resources

Speaker Bios

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